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About Us

In 2006, the star of the digital company BOGODA, under the leadership of Marina Bogoda, ignited in Costa Rica

Since then, we have served as an embodiment of high standards of creativity and technological expertise in the field of digital solutions aimed at achieving outstanding results.



Bogoda Digital Pro was created

Present: over 75 happy clients and more to come


Extensive expertise to meet diverse client needs


Web and App Development

  • Customized web solutions for all clients
  • Expertise for specialized solutions

Creative Design Solutions

  • Innovations and modern creative trends
  • Designs aligned with client`s identities

CRM and Project Managment

  • Harmonize CRM with your project needs
  • Results-driven project management

Our Last Project

Guider Pro

Guider is an up‑to‑date catalogue of companies and leisure activities for Costa‑Rican locals and tourists. It is a unique service on Costa-Rican market that provides:

  • Precise information about establishments, including operating hours, contact numbers and locations
  • Creation of personalized lists featuring favorite places
  • Instant decision-making on current leisure options
  • Planning leisure activities
laptop with open app on full-screensmartphone with open app on full-screen

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